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hey, i just wanted to ask about the cost of the focus you pay to perfom a rituals(bard's prerequisite). bards can cast rituals without using components, and by playing their instrument! i was wondering if the still pay the cost of focus? and if yes, to who?
ex. the song of sustenance, lvl8 ritual. costs 680gp market price. ok you get it you mastering it and you know it! so any time you want to perfom it you must pay 680gp again (focus cost)? if thats the case, then i will never play the damn song! i dont realy understand the mechanich behind that. i mean where/to who you pay that cost!??

btw, i know im brobably asking an outdated question, i wona roll a bard. and i remember the fun of previews editions..

A Focus is not consumed in the performance of a ritual like Ritual Components are, nor do you have to pay the market cost of the ritual again.

On Ritual Components are consumed when performing a ritual.
Rituals have different cost areas.

1. Market Price: This is the GP cost you must lose in order to acquire and master the ritual itself. Acquisition cost.

2. Component Cost: This is the GPvalue in the key components of the ritual that are consumed in the process of the ritual. Pay it with each use.

3. Focus (cost): This is the amount of GP that you must invest into a Focus Object for your ritual. You pay this once, when you acquire the Focus for the ritual. If you lose the Focus, you must pay it again. I -think- that there may be some overlap in use of a Focus for different rituals, but I am uncertain. If your DM is willing to fudge the ritual rules a bit, you could just pay your Focus costs into your instrument when you acquire rituals (just add the Focus cost to the Market Price) to keep things simple and easy.
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