New party help with my class!

hello guys! we are starting a new party and i need help with my option for class. Right now we are 4 in the party, a paladin, a ranger a wizard and me and i havent decided what class to play. I dont like priests but i like wizards a lot, i have played wizard before but right now someone else picked him. I was thinking a multiclass of fighter/wizard  like Eldritch Knight. But i dont know how good he will be at higher lvls compared to my allies, and also i got no idea what spells to choose to help him , buffs for me or damaging evocation spells? Or something else entirely? Any suggestions?
First, this is entirely the wrong forum for this thread.

Second, go buff spells. You can't throw fireballs and whack with a sword at the same time. A fireball makes a nice backup weapon, though.

A friend of mine swears by Duskblades, found in the PHB2 (assuming you're playing 3rd edition). They offer a bit of advice on playing the class there as well.
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