Power Ranger / Kamen Rider character ideas?

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I'm thinking of creating a character a bit like a classic power ranger or kamen rider character but i'm not too sure on all the options I can do. One great suggestion was that I have a monk with the masked lord theme which is really good as it gives me the power to summon my armour and punch and kick. But i'm wondering if there's any other classes that fit the theme perhaps? Or options?

Sentai and Toku character come in a variety of flavors, so I'm sure you could make any class into one with the right flavor and efforts. A mace using melee Ranger could be done as a Hibiki equivalent for example, and a Handcrossbow summoner Artificer could become DiEnd. It's mostly a matter of preference. If you're going for the classic Ichigo/Nigo style Riders, Monk would probably be your best bet. But later riders, such as X and other weapon using riders (especially those from the Heisei era) could fit into other classes.

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
Ahh that's some cool ideas. I decided to go with monk with masked lord theme in the end but i'll keep that in mind as it's cool..
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