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Hi everyone;

It has been 4 months since I relocated to the Raleigh area and I am yet to find and/or receive communication from D&D groups. Please, if there are any D&D groups out there looking to add one more player, particularly for playing 4th edition, I would like to be considered. I love D&D and I am excited to resume play.

Best regards;

Checkout meetup.com for D&D groups in your area. There are several. I run two campaigns currently in Fayetteville NC, about 1hr south of you, but know there are Raleigh Groups you'd probably want to try first. Good luck!

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I have done exactly what you have suggested already. I have prowled the Meet-Up group pages and their forums, but without any success. In addition, I have done the same within a couple of other forums that carry the same intent; also, to no success.

I am thankful for your advice however, and I shall continue search/post until I can find a group in the area willing to give me a trial session.

Thank you kindly;


Group in the Durham, NC area looking to start up next month.  Not too far of a drive. 

Apologies for the very late reply. I just saw the post! For some reason I did not get a message about it being updated.

Alas, I wanted to ask you a bit more information about the group you are referring to and the link to the website. Do you play with this group? Who do I contact to arrange communication?

Thank you again for your reply and your patience.

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