standard MV vs Threats to Nentir Vale?

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hey guys

so me and my new group have recently got our campaign up and running (just finished the starter set and we are currently on the DM kit adventures)

so im now looking to buy the Monster Vaults, and while im almost definately getting the standard one, what is the Threats to Nentir Vale like?
well, its almost entirely heroic tier, it doesnt come with an adventure (but does have poster map), and it isnt actually boxed like the other one. i thought it was a major step down in quality and functionality, but a lot of people seem to have enjoyed the flavor. its not bad, dont get me wrong, but it isnt on par with the first mv imo.
I liked the factions that were included in TtNV and the flavor was pretty good. It's a "nice to have", but it could never really stand on it's own. Pick the MV if you could only pick one.

Built for Heroic play (levels 1-10), the only fault I find with it is that the counters have the creature's name on the bloodied side.

The setting information, the interaction between the factions and the creatures themselves are all top of the line.

so what kind of "Flavour" does this book have then?

ps, ordered Monster Vault, just wondering about this one
Once you've run through all the adventures in the Essentials line, the material in Threats to Nentir Vale could be used to spark new adventure ideas.  It gives you lots of potential advesaries (if you were to use all of them the Vale would seem very Threatened, indeed) in some detail, including some interaction with eachother and general overview and possible plot-hooks.  As a general monster book its useable, but as a setting-specific resource its pretty good.



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Threats to Nethir Vale have some interesting and more unconventional monster design (Mooncalf, Dragonborn Siege Tower, Walking Tower), but it's more likely monster vault will have more monsters you can use on the long run than TtNV
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