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I'm halfway through a campagin that I have been working on.

There is a big war between the neigbouring states of Trogo (ruled by the council of 3, high preist, warmaster and king) and the Shadowlands (ruled by the evil shadowmasters) I did some name looting from the Books of the South). You were investigating a harbour in another country and found a ghost ship which you prompty boarded and butchered all the ghosts and lich lord on board but the ship had a mind of it's own and took you to the port of the Trogein capital, presumably where the lich lord was going to reek havoc in the name of the shadowmasters. Entering the capital the high priest aproaches you and says your arrival is due to proficy and you are the saviours of Trogo in the 5th Trogein Shadow war.

Anyway you now have killed two shadowmasters (a lich lord commanding hords of undead and a hedonic vampire commanding drow and a fleet), enlisted the help of pirates, awoken the undead high priests of Nethica who are neutral and command anceint arcane powers and dark secrets, downed most of the Shadowmasters fleet and taken the coastal city of Scaum a staging point for military invasions into the Shadowlands.

The twist I'm planning to spring is right at the end. The reason there have been 5 wars is because the proficised "saviours" after killing the last shadowmasters are corrupted by a dark magic sphere at the heart of the Shadowmaster citadel Deepshadow which turns the "saviours" into shadowmasters and will continuouly give characters the choice to switch sides to gain power.

Problem is things are going so well, too well. I fear my audience is feeling like the war is a cakewalk, any suggestions?
Maybe some NPCs could voice that question themselves: "This seems too easy..." It would foreshadow the twist, and do so early enough that the PCs can start digging a little deeper into the story before it fully catches up with them. In particular, if concluding the war and eliminating the shadowmasters means becoming the next shadowmasters themselves (part of a seemingly perpetual cycle), they might want to look for a way out (one that doesn't involve just letting the current shadowmasters obliterate everything, of course). Can they break the cycle somehow?
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