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Today someone was telling me that if a creature is sacrificed, rather than directly killed by combat damage or a spell, then that doesn't count as "dieing" by the game's terms and morbid effects (such as [C]Tragic Slip[/C]) won't apply.  They also said that a creature with undying (Such as [C]Geralf's Messenger[/C]) Dying without any +1/+1 counters on it also doesn't count as dieing.  I thought that this was wrong--any time a creature is sent to your graveyard for any reason it counts as dieing, meaning morbid effects will count.  Who's right?
"Die" means "put into a graveyard from the battlefield."

If the thing in question went directly from the battlefield to the graveyard for any reason, it died. 

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He may be getting confused with 'destroyed' which comes either from a spell/ability explicitly stating destroy, or also from taking lethal damage (any damage is lethal if the source has deathtouch) in the case of creatures.

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dying isn't dependent on destruction or sacrifice or toughness less than one or the legend rule

it's dependent on the creature starting on the battlefield and going to the graveyard, if that happens then it died

some things like Progenitus or Darksteel Colossus will rarely die because under normal circumstances they won't go to the graveyard

likewise Leyline of the Void and Rest in Peace would shut off dying because they'd prevent things from going to the graveyard

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