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3X Avacyn's Pilgrim
3X Arbor Elf
2X Doomed Traveler
4X Restoration Angel
3X Thragtusk
2X Geist Honored Monk
2X Armada Wurm

3X Rancor
4X Call of the Conclave
2X Selesnya Charm
2X Intangible Virtue
3X Druid's Deliverance
2X Midnight Haunting
1X Collective Blessing

2X Garruk, Primal Hunter

4X Temple Garden
4X Sunpetal Grove
2X Gavony Township
2X Grove of the Guardian
5X Plains
5X Forest


I've been working with the same deck type recently. I haven't got cards yet to playtest though. From what I've seen, it is best to focus on swarming with small tokens or populating with bigger tokens. Personally I'd cut Druid's Deliverance for Rootborn Defenses. You may want to consider more Selesnya Charm too. Collective Blessing is another card I find a bit iffy.
If you want to focus more on Populate and stronger tokens, I'd suggest cutting Midnight Haunting, Doomed Traveler, and Geist Honored Monk, and Intangible Virtue. Token buff cards like Intangible Virtue and Parallel Lives can be good, but if you focus on stronger tokens you won't get as many to begin with so they can be a bit more iffy. Entreat the Angels is a great card for making big tokens, but kinda costly. With the Rancor and Selesnya Charm you may have enough Trample to pull off Wayfaring Temple, although without enough creatures he isn't too useful. Still, you use a lot of 1 drop mana cards so it may work. Wayfaring Temple may be worth adding in current version even.
If you want to focus more on a swarm of weaker tokens, I'd defiantly add more Midnight Haunting. Cathars' Crusade is a card I have been interested in for such a deck. In theory, it could buff all the weak tokens up quick, especially with cards that drop 2 1/1s (which makes then both 3/3).
It probably is possible to pull off a deck that Populates with bigger tokens while still having a bunch of small tokens. The balance is a tricky thing though. Fungal Sprouting (for swarms) and Slime Molding (for big tokens) may interest you. Eyes in the Skies may be work in a deck if you get right balance between swarm tokens and strong tokens; although at worse it becomes a 1 more cost Midnight Haunting. Growing Ranks is another card I feel I should mention, but most prefer Parallel Lives[card] over it.Last thing to note is your flickering with [card]Restoration Angel. It may work, but I think 4 may be a bit much. If you want a cheaper version, Cloudshift may work near as good for this deck at least. Trostani, Selesnya's Voice is another card to consider for the healing and extra population.

I hope these suggestion help. As I mentioned at start, I haven't tested deck yet. Also, I haven't been active in a competitive sense for a long time. Still, I have been looking into deck a lot and hopefully my comments will at least give you some ideas.

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