Need adventure ideas for a trek into Darguun.

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My campaign is big into the prophecy and preventing an incoming invasion from Xoriat (several of the big bads are working to bring it into conterminous position a lot earlier than anticipated) and the PC's have learnt of the incoming invasion and decided to head into Darguun to get info on how to defeat it from the guys who did it originally.

So well...I kinda need help developing some adventures that aren't just "omg the goblins are attacking you!" type deals. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Btw party is...

Human Cleric of Balinor
Half-Elf Rogue with connections to the Sharn Watch
Pixie Vampire with connections to the Blood of Vol (actually Vol's daughter but doesn't realize it)
Changeling Assassin
Kalashtar Bard
Human Wizard worships the silver flame.
Human Battlemind 
Khyber is a dark and dangerous place, full of flame and smoke, where ever stranger things lie dormant.
Well, if they want input from those who "fought" the Daelkyr forces in the past, that means they want to reach out to the Dhakaani clans. They are the only clans likely to have useful lore from that era. Establishing a relationship with a clan such as the Kech Volaar could mean convincing them of the threat, and then aiding them in recovering previously lost lore from Dhakaani ruins. Even getting a face-to-face with one of their clan might mean working through the Lhesh Haaruc's court, possibly aiding him in establishing his own ties in the process.

Don Bassingthwaite's excellent "The Dragon Below" and "Legacy of Dhakaan" trilogies contain a lot of great material that could serve to inspire. The latter includes a visit into catacombs beneath Volaar Draal, the city of the Kech Volaar, and adventures into Darguun's wilds in search of lost Dhakaani artifacts.

There are Dhakaani ruins all over western and southern Khorvaire. Within Darguun itself, you have ruins in the Sea Wall Mountains, including Paluur Draal (technically on the Zil side of the Seal Walls), a Dhakaani city that fell to the Daelkyr. Bassingthwaite's story includes a trip into the Khraal in search of another city lost to that war. There are said to be ruins beneath the Torlaac Moor, as well.

The Kech Volaar are lore-keepers, and are more likely to work peacefully with heroes who win them over. The Kech Shaarat are another option. They are a more militant foil to the Kech Volaar. I would think they'd be more difficult to establish an alliance with, and possibly more likely to double-cross the PCs if the circumstances suggested an advantage in doing so. Ruus Dhakaan is no fool, though. Defeating a Daelkyr threat would likely go a long way in establishing him as a worthy leader of the united Dhakaani clans. That possibility alone could be enough to establish a temporary alliance.

I love the Dhakaani, and Eberron's goblins in general, as central players in any campaign. There is just so much great history and modern potential to work into a story. I hope your ventures into Darguun prove to be as awesome as I suspect they could be.

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Like Tallric above me I drew inspiration from the Bassingwaith novels. My players were caught in the Red Keep (holding of the Lesh) when he was assasinated. Off course the PCs were blamed sicne they were part of a political mission from Karnath and Breland. Customs dictated the Red Keep be closed for 10 days and no fires during that day. Quicklings attacked the PCs bringing bags of holding to knock them out and let it look like an escape. Off course they failed and conveniently left the PCs with an entrance to the secret corridor system in the keep. Using multiple ploys they managed to prove their innocence and get the real culprit to expose himself. Pretty cool sessions I think.

The old Dhakaani clans are indeed the way to go. Some of them might reside under Six Kings, check out the 4th edition adventure Ashen Crown to get a whole dungeon crawl below Six Kings. Lots of good ideas there.

Key for me was to stop see the Goblinkind as monsters but instead view them as a society with different norms.      
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