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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forums and wanted to say hello. Also, I've been looking into a Magic the Gathering Android App and it seems the best two that I could narrow down are:

- Decked Builder (by Decked Studios) - $3.99


- MtG Tracker (by Platty Soft) - $2.99


I would appreciate any comments by anyone who has used one or both of these apps to help me determine which one I should purchase. The main thing I am looking for is complete searchability of the card datbase (preferably free set updates so I don't have to pay anymore money after the initial purchase), build and test decks, and view prices from multiple sources to ensure I can find the best price.

Thank you!

I'm quite happy with MTG Familiar:

and it's free
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I second MTG Familiar, but it doesn't have a deckbuilding feature.
Familiar is really sweet, with the caveat that I only use it for looking up trades, card values, and exact card text.

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Thank you for the replies so far. I will definitely check out MTG Familiar. From what I've read so far, it sounds like a great app.

If anyone has any recommendations about MtG Tracker v. Decked Builder, that would be great as well.
i have MtG Tracker and think its really good. I opted for the paid version, which is nice but then you lose 'proper' mana and tap symbols in card descriptions (copyrighted i guess) - but you can always look at the card image instead.
Only down side i have is its not a very good life counter for 4 player, because you have to scroll across the screen to see the 4th person, as opposed to the iPhone apps that gives each player a quarter of the screen.

Apart from that, the search is OK. wish you could go into detail such as type = "land", text = "blah" but you can only say type and text (or name) = "blah"
And i think the cards are updated prety sharpishly when a new set comes out

edit: a nice feature i like on Tracker is you can set it so the screen doesnt turn off when your in the app. Good for life counting, bad for battery. but hey
Thank you for the information TimmyBee. That's interesting about the search functionality. How do you like the deck building feature of it?

I use Decked Builder HD, and love it, though I will admit I haven't tried any other apps. What I like best is that once you download it, the connection is optional. I can input cards and build decks even in airplane mode, and the app will already have the rules text. It downloads the pictures when I reconnect. Give the free version a try and see if you like it.

I use Magic's Little Helper for tracking life in Commander and casual games. I liked it so much, I payed for the full version. (I've got an iPad, don't know if the app's available for Android.)
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Thank you so much GeekyDad, I'll have to try the free version. I really like how you don't need an internet connection to input cards and build decks. I did install the MtG Familiar app and do really like it for looking up cards, etc. but this will be great to actually build decks.
Deck building in MtG Tracker:
I think its pretty good, although i havent really tried other apps. Searching for cards is easy  -you can either do it by entering the name and it will try to auto-fill which is handy, or you can do a more detailed search and add individual cards that way.
I guess a down side i might have is you cant change the order of your decks. It breaks it down into land, creatures, instants etc but the cards in the categories are sorted alphabetically and i would like it if you could change this to CMC.
On a simialr note, there is a 'Stats' tab for your decks where it gives you a bar chart of no. cards vs CMC. also a pie chart of colour and then finally your win stats for that deck (when using the life counter, you can say what deck you (and other players) are using and it will track the stats. Alsoi like how the life counter tracks games against opponents, so you can track games againt "Dave" and "Bob" independantly etc)

One feature of deck building that i havent used much is "Hand" where it will draw you 7 cards from your deck. you can then draw cards and milligan etc. i guess it is an OK way to make sure the mana base is OK.

The last feature of deck building (and card searching) is that it displays low / avg / high costs for the card or overall deck. This is in $ and is usually inaccurate for me in England, but it gives me a ball park figure.

As previously mentioned, my only down side to the whole app is that if you pay for it, you lose real mana and tap symbols, which means card descriptions look a bit bodge. But this isnt the end of the work, and you can view the image of the card if you would prefer anyway
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