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It's my first time making a RB deck and I wanted one that wasn't a tribal deck and used grave pact sacrifice and red to burn. The closest deck that I found is this one here:


Are there any cards which should be switched out to make it more competitive? Does Gravepact work in this deck, or is it to slow? Also, my play group doesn't have planeswalkers, so I'm thinking of taking out dreadbore. What's a good replacement card?

Thanks for all the help.
With Dreadbore you can scale up your terminates to a full 4 spot. This leaves you two open spots. If you want to keep it aggro, I like Blightning for a little burn plus hand wreckage but I sometimes use Backlash as well for extra spice. Otherwise I would go for something else with fast creature removal. The creatures are the truck and you simply need to remove the roadblocks. This link'd build is very aggro so honestly most of the best choices are already there. In my opinion (and I hate to say this as I love the card...) Grave Pact IS your weakest link. They will likely be chump blocking as much as possible anyhow. I would just replace Grave Pact with something like Hatred and call it a day.
Why is it so many people try and link to other sites rather then just listing it here?

That said the key concepts for me are always the gravepact itself, and then cheapy things to sac to it.

The unerath creatures are good, the evoke creatures are good, reassembling skeleton[ and a sac outlet like blasting station or phyrexian tower are good.

recurring nightmare is particularly good.
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I like the idea of Gravecrawler, Nantuko Husk, and Grave Pact.
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