A good I-Pad ap for the D&D fan?

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Ok... I'm a dinosaur and just entering the new age of electronic marvels.  My wife got me an I-Pad for Christmas, my first tablet.  I thought that I would get a game or two to scratch the D&D/RPG itch when I am between "real" games.  I am am overwhelmed by the choices and any of the ones that look good, might have bad reviews.

So I thought I would ask you guys and gals if you know of a good game for the tablet that would best replicate that D&D feel.  I am not much into hack-n-slash action as much as I would like some kind of exploration, resource management, rpg elements.  Thanks in advance for any ideas!
The amazing Baldurs Gate was recently released for the Ipad about a month ago or so. I've never played it on the Ipad but its a great d&d game.
I kind of dig Knights of Pen and Paper
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