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I want to build a deck that works around multiple upkeeps and populate. Obviously there will be tokens but I don't want a weenie army. I want an army of substantial tokens. I am looking for advice. I am just in the beginning stages of construction but some cards that I am considering are listed.
Honestly, I've found that the best cards to pair with populate are blue's abundance of token-making clones, such as Rite of Replication or Cackling Counterpart.  The best cards to clone, I feel, are Archaeomancer / Eternal Witness (pair them with Druid's Deliverance for infinite fogs or Sundering Growth for infinite Naturlizes).  Elvish Visionary and Coiling Oracle make a great draw engine.  I have a Simic deck that combines all of these (along with Precursor Golem and Chorus of Might for the primary win condition) that has proven remarkably powerful in my meta.
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I like that idea. I need to see more. This is a start but needs some finishing touches, especially to protect the golems.

Fabricate maybe to search for the golems. Rite of Replication if I weren't on a budget. I need a good card to protect the golems from a bolt. I thought about Asceticism. I have a few laying around but they seem mana extensive. Chronozoa combined with Paradox Haze work well with the Chorus of Might as well as Awakening Zone. I need to round this deck to give it a multiplayer edge. What would you suggest? Thanks for the help.

Mimic Vat should be in well ahead of some of the other clone effects (especially Followed Footsteps, which is good, but requires you to keep a body out).
You can set the Vat off in response to your turn's first Growing Ranks trigger. All it takes is for an opponent to thoughtlessly wax somebody else's beatstick across the table, and you're away.

My playgroup tends to like Grove of the Guardian in these decks, too - seems to be one of the biggest populate targets you can get without pulling shenanigans. Spawnwrithe might be worth a look as well.

You may also want to consider the new GTC card...

... Stolen Identity. If you encode it on the right creature, that could also be a populate field day.
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