Ok so when will the D&D Board Games get an expansion for heroes?

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I'm talking about Ravenloft, Ashardalon and drizzit, why not an expansion that allows 3-4th level characters and new player character types?

Something to add a little more depth to the current characters and add maybe 4 new characters that can be used in any game.
There's no indication, AFAIK, that they will ever do this. If they were gonna do expansions, they would have released some by now, I am quite sure. These games have been out for at least  a couple of years already.
Well they should do something more with them, they are too good to just let them wither and die, like they let everything else do.  (aka. the D&D miniatures game, and the SW Game).
Agreed. It would indeed be nice to have some kind of expansion for these games. Any kind of support, really. There are some rather unclear rules that could use an errata at least.
The new dungeon command games include stat cards that allow the minis to be used in those three board games. While not an upgrade to the existing heroes, adding new monsters to the games adds a lot of replay value. Also the "Heroes of Cormyr" box includes cards that allow the minis to be used as allies in the three board games. Awesome stuff that really adds to the games. Definitely worth picking up.
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