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After randomly coming across the card Search for Survivors, I realized that the "An opponent" aspect of the card is quite irrelevant.  Since the card is chosen at random, then having the card referencing your opponent is quite redendant. 

Further, errating the card to remove reference to your opponent wouldn't have any functional changes as far as I can see, especially as it doesn't target anyone. 
I agree, and I've reported the same issue in the past. Choosing at random isn't really something a player does; it's something a random number generator does. And the method should always be something that's actually random and that's acceptable to both players.

If I were to guess, I'd say they were envisioning you shuffling the graveyard face-down, fanning it out, and letting your opponent pick a card. However, that's not the only valid way to do it, and that way would still be just as valid if it did just say "Choose a card from it at random". There isn't anything in the game that cares who does the "choosing at random", and there isn't anything that specifies who should be performing which physical actions to do that.