Lair Assault: Forge of the Dawn Titan - suggestions needed

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Hey all, I'm running this as a fun one off for my group this week. They are all experienced players and we are running it for the very first time...Anyone have any suggestions/pitfalls/advice/etc that they'd like to share?
All LAs are meant to be brutal.

So your tactics should be very similar to good player tactics.  Find their weakest link and focus fire it, hit them while they are down.  You want to basically nova one person and try to knock them down R1 and kill them R2.

Don't be afraid to take OAs if it gets you into position.  If the defender has 22 AC and the wizard has 16AC hit the wizard every time, even if you are marked.

I haven't played that particular LA, so I can't give any specific advice, but that is how to go about making it worth the name LA. 
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