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Two questions.
"You conjure a duplicate of yourself on a solid surface in a square adjacent to the target"
The power does not actually say how far away the target is from you.
The attack is melee weapon but I am assuming that is the adjacent to the target aspect.
So how far away can the target be from you making the conjuration?

When the duplicate takes damage does it come off your hp total or does the duplicate have its own hp tally? 
1) By a strict RAW it need to be within your melee weapon reach at the end of the your turn since its a Moveable Conjuration (up to a maximum of 5 squares where it disappear as described in the power) but RAI the intent seem to be able to stay within 5 squares though, regardless of the power's range.
Movable Conjurations: If the power used to create a conjuration allows it to be moved, it’s a movable conjuration. At the end of the creator’s turn, a movable conjuration ends if the creator doesn’t have line of effect to at least 1 square of the conjuration or if the creator isn’t within range (using the power’s range) of at least 1 square of the conjuration.

2) Damage should come off your HP since you and the duplicate share your statistics.
Glamor Blade: You and the duplicate share your statistics and actions.

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