DC Saves

I have a question one what everyone else feels about saves.  Are they to low?

it just seems that by level 3 they can almost pass any save that an enemy might have in tis attack.  Unless its against Ref, which then does half, but the others are like DC10-12.

Also i play with 2 PCs, so I roll and NPC with them to give it a little more of a challenge and more of a party feel to the game.  Their, xp budgets for say level 3 is 330.  Now that is a lot, i mean a lot of goblins, or kobolds, to equal up to that xp cap.  I know there are different monsters, but where we are and what we are doing they are lost in what seems to be an endless connection, between a goblin/koblod layer.  I have thrown like hell hounds at them and things, but...idk...le me know what you think.

Also on healing, i like the idea of how hardcore and brutal this game is, really like it, but how many encounters do you seem to be getting before you have to stop and they are in need of an extended rest?

Wanted to add in about martial damage dice.  It says "You must be able to take actions to spend a martial damage die.  When you spend a martial damage die, you cannot use it again on the same turn."  Now at level 3 they have 2d6, can that be split so say one for the maneuver, and then 1d6 to damage? 

Then with parry,  Can he use his skill die, which at 3rd level is 2d6 to parry, 2 attacks as a reaction?  Can he only parry as many attacks, for as many martial die he has?  Im confused here and so is the group.


You only have one reaction unless you take the feat that gives you an extra one. So you can only use abilities that spend your reaction once per round.

Your martial dice are resources you can spend, so after activating your maneuver any leftover dice can be used for damage.

Note that there is a difference between a skill die and a martial die, and though parry mentions a skill die a fighter does not have one.

Traditionally, saving throws have always been somewhat easy. It isn't fun when your character gets immobilized, instantly killed, or similar, so they try to give you a fighting chance. The highest DC a player will face is a 15 (with a minor exception here and there), the highest DC a monster will face is a 23, though around 15 is more common in early levels.

If you really want the players to get hit by a DC effect, either throw more monsters at them or consider mixing in an effect that gives them disadvantage on their saving throws (such as fear). Just be aware that it is risky to do this, as you can end up killing your entire party if they get unlucky rolls.

Don't be afraid to change the monsters. The easiest way to get out of the kobold/goblin problem is to create special creatures like a kobold wizard or a mutant goblin. Simply find a higher level creature that seems interesting and then rename it to a goblin.

It is up to you as the DM to decide ahead of time how much you want them to rest. Sometimes it is just a series of single battle with a full rest in between, this is okay if each battle is challenging and self contained. If you want more of a continous adventure then you need to create a constant sense of urgency or danger to keep them going. This means you either need to give them a way to avoid combat, some healing items, or tone down each encounter so they can last until the boss (assuming you have one).
Two quick corrections:

1) Everyone gets a skill die, rogues just have a lot more options in how they can use it.

2) The Combat Reflexes feat grants an extra reaction, but it can only be used for an oppurtunity attack.
AHHHh thank you very much.  Great break down. We ran into problems and this fixed it right up. 

Nice name by the way, sweet magic card. 
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