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So I have an Couters of Second chances and used an attack that lets myself attack and then my beast attack as a secondary. My beasts attack missed and I wanted to use my couters of second chances to let it reroll and someone in the group said I couldn't. We got into a debate as to whether or not I could use an items power on my beast and the group was split half and half.

Half the group said I could use it and half said that I couldn't. So should I have been able to use the item for my beast companion or not?
No your Beast Companion shouldn't be able to benefit from the power of Couters of Second Chances because only you, the wearrer of this item, can use it when missing with an attack.

Couters of Second Chances: Use this power when you miss with a melee attack. Reroll the attack, and use the second result, even if it's lower.

Of course if you want the beast master ranger using beast powers to be any variant of striker, you have to bend the rules considerably.
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