Reavers of Harkenwold Part 1

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Have any of you played Reavers of Harkenwold? I was going to be DM for my friends and I was wondering about how long Part 1 ran. Thanks.
Just glancing at it (I have not played it) it seems like there are 11 "encounters" in the first part and 4 of those being combats.  With that in mind I would say it will likely take you about 3-4 sessions to get through, assuming you all are somewhat familiar with the edition, play for about 4 hours and move at a reasonable pace.
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I definitely agree with Matyr here. If you are reasonably familiar with 4e (and as the DM have read the module and are quite familiar with it) I would guess around 2 or 3 sessions, depending on your group.

If all sides of the table are unfamiliar, I could see 4 being the minimum.

That said, one of the awesome things about Reavers is that it does have a lot of opportunities by the way it is written to go "off rails." So definitely keep that in mind when running it as it could increase over-all session time for part 1. 
If you want it to run longer get a hold of Monsters of the Nentir Vale and utilize the enormous number of plot ideas and creatures in it that are set in the Harkenwold. If that is not an option, I would say it took my group two days to get through the initial encounter, the role playing parts, and the sabotaging of the Iron Fisters. The bullywugs took one full day. Our group stopped there but the final three encounters in the underground wizard lair probably would take a day too. (4 days with experienced players)
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