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This afternoon i played my first Monk in a quick playtest session as i DM most of the time and didn't had the chance yet. My friend wanted to put something togheter quick and dive in. I made an unusual character concept that i originally played in 2010. The DM allowed a minor tweak by changing a damage type from blungeon to piercing to help accomodate this reflavored build.

I picked Halfling as a small size was closer to the concept and went with a Monk as it was the best unarmed combattant. I had quite a few Skills to pick with the 4 starting one and the 2 extras from Monastic Training. I opted for Wanderer as my Trait thinking it was a best fit. Finally, i picked Cleave as my Feat, one of my favorite.  Filling in the last few details and i was good to go,.

We started a few miles south of Waterdeep in the Sword Coast North. We fought Kobolds raiders who were attacking caravans on the high road near Daggerford when my character met the party.  He cleaved through Kobolds with ease and saved the life of a female Halfling who's odor reminded the one of his former master.  Snear started following them and tagging along...

I found Flurry of Blows was quite potent and Step of the Wind greatly helped mobility as i think a Dog should be. I also found  Grasp of Stone fitting the build pretty well as a lock bite. I found his AC was on the low side though without armor. Cleave is also powerful and it gave great result against weaker foes such as Kobolds at the level we're at (level 2).  Snear also proved challenging enought to roleplay and no need to say that another party member will be the face! Tracking where these little critters could come from, we spotted their lair on a hillside, a small cave mouth with many Kobolds moving in and out from it. While hiding and observing, we were ambushed by Owlbear who fought ferociously before retreating. This quick skirmish gave away our position and we saw many Kobolds emerging from the cave and we killed more of them before retreating to safety when we started getting charged by some Kobolds cavalier mounted on Giant Rats.

Snear The Dog

Male Dog  
Small Beast
Armor Class 15 (no armor)
Hit Points 15 (2d8+2)
Speed 25 ft.
Sense Normal     
Str 12 (+1)  Dex 17 (+3)  Con 13 (+1)
Int 10 (+0)   Wis 14 (+2)  Cha 08 (-1)
Alignment Neutral 
Languages Understand Common, Halfling
Naturally Stealthy
Halfling Weapon Training
Lucky (2/day)
Halfling Nimbleness
Mindful Defense
Way of the Fist
Combat Expertise (1d6)
Maneuvers: Flurry of Blows, Step of the Wind
Ki (1/day) Grasp of Stone
Monastic Tradition The Path's of Stone Endurance
Monastic Training
Undaunted Strike
Skill (1d6) Balance, Intimidate, Search, Track, Spot, Listen
Trait Wanderer
Feat Cleave
Melee Attacks—Bite: +8 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature). 
Hit: 1d6+3 piercing damage
Equipment: None 
Snear was born in a kennel of Silverymoon in 1469 DR. He was trained as a hunter dog specialized in locating, retrieving and saving lost soldiers. He was abandoned one day when his master, a Halfling sergeant in the SilverGuard was killed on duty patrolling the countryside. He left to the south and continued doing what he was trained for, locating and helping those in need. Snear can pick up scent of blood from miles away and has an acute sense of smell and hearing but has a short range vision being partially blind. He is still difficult to surprise and catch off guard. snear is not an aggressive dog, but defend himself very well, able to attack opponents all around him and use it's high mobility to get away when cornered.

Snear is a brown and white dog of mixed Foxhound breed. He has a short but stock build and elongated legs making him a good runner. He is a hard working dog trained to work for others. He understand the common and Halfling language in its most basic form through insighting body language and state of emotions and can therefore obeys many commands immediately. The most common ones being sit, lay, rest, get, find, attack and guard. He is highly intelligent for a dog, and act by himself using fair judgment on any situation without command. He also barks, howl or growl in many manners to express himself widely. He often follow caravans or adventuring bands for a while until found gone in the morning. 
A Monk with low AC? What's the puppy's Wisdom?

Str 12 (+1)  Dex 17 (+3)  Con 13 (+1)
Int 10 (+0)   Wis 14 (+2)  Cha 08 (-1)

Welp, that's enough DND Next for one day.
 Thats a cool idea, and a great use of the halfing as a template.
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