A Card That Tickled My Fancy: Stinging Chalice

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Stinging Chalice-
Stinging Chalice enters the battlefield with a nettle counter on it.
If a player would lose life, instead put a nettle counter on Stinging Chalice, then that player loses life equal to the number of nettle counters on Stinging Chalice. (Damage causes loss of life. All combat damage is dealt simultaneously.)
A draught to numb all other pain.

I'm normally not a huge fan of colored artifacts, but The Hunt is specifically set in Alara, so I figured why not. flavorfully I really want it to be an artifact.

anyway I don't have much to say on this one. thoughts?

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My thoughts are positive.

And brief. 

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It's nifty, very order based. Makes the game play out quite oddly if it comes down early enough.
That seems very cool!
However, it makes concentrated power even weaker than it already is compared to spread out power.
Still like it though. Definitely creative. 
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I remember really liking the flavour on this one.
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I like. Especially with the idea of it fitting Orzhov's "I'm better than you" flavor.
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Since 'genius' is a word thrown around too often, I'll instead say...

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