Newbie DM looking to start a 4E campaign over skype + maptools

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Hello, I have never played a tabletop rpg before, but I have seen many on a livestream. I am very interested in starting a campaign, I realize it may be silly to jump in as a DM when you haven't played a game, but I feel I'd be a better DM than a PC. I am us central time zone, further time planning for the campaign will be sorted out when more are interested. So far I am thinking of Fridays or Saturdays around 7:00 P.M. central time.

Your characters are travelling along the Kings Road towards Winterhaven, whispers have been heard about a darkness approaching near the small fort town. The Kings Road is in a state of disrepair due to years of neglect and are constantly patrolled by tasteless creatures. This is where your tale of adventure begins.

Defender - Tyranis Saurandile (Dragonborn, Fighter)
Leader - Draykol (Goliath, Runepriest)
Controller - Anderin the Leaper (Half-Elf, Wizard)
Controller/Defender - Hrist (Shifter, Swordmage/Ranger)
Striker - Nabia Greyfang (Human, Barbarian)
Striker - Sarren (Half-Elf, Sorcerer)

Hey i'd love to join up My name is Terner Thompson,  i'm mature and i'm up for anything from causal to super serious ROLE PLAYING, I'm not a power gamer(some one who cares nothing more than to be an overpwered a**hole) and i'm honest and prefer not to be stuborn, so if something seems fisher about my character its probably cause i made a mistake or misunderstood something in the rules. and i'm free on saturdays i live in the east coast of USA so i'm one hour ahead of you but i'm good for 8:00 pm all i need to do is get maptools.

I will be the Defender

Name. Tyranis Saurandile

Race: DragonBorn male

Class: Fighter       Alignment: Good

Apperance: Cromatic maroon scales with obsidain colored stripes, Dreads appear black and glossy like obsidian, over 6 foot 7 inches, Vibrant green eyes, his armour appears like that of a samerai.

Brief Backstory(you can change if it doesnt fit in your story)  Born into a noble family of dragon born, one day a Human warlord and his great war band came and enlsaved Tyranis's home town and murdered his family, the warlord boasts that a prophet proclaimed that he would never faulter and only a true dragon could kill him. So after tyranis escaped he vowed to find a way to become a Pure blood Dragon and avenge his family. he knows that his goal is laughed apon by others but he doesn't care, it's the only thing that keeps him going. so to better his goals he joined up with and adventureing party and has been traveling ever since

 Also what verison of maptools do you use and where can i get it?, this link should download it straight to your computer Also, I love your character's backstory and would love to have you in the campaign!

awsome hope others will join
Should only need 2 strikers now.
Posting interest.  I'm a more roleplaying style of player who likes to get creative (try to do something beyond just using character powers).   I'm west coast Canada (same time as California). 

Any limits on classes/races or source books? I'm looking at playing either a Ranger or a Hybrid Swordmage/Seeker (sort of a Sword/Bow based "magic" using mystic).    

I have no problems with hybrid classes, and also I have to say that I love the fact that you think outside the box. We currently need 2 more, at least 1 striker, so you'd fill that perfectly, our leader is going to make his character after he see's what striker(s) we have.
I'm interested, although it would be my first game. I'm a total noob.
huray more people for our game
Edit Again: We have Strikers!  I've changed to the Swordmage/Seeker - he's going to be the oddball Controller/Defender. 

I have a big interest in joining in on your game but before I start on my own character I do have to ask if the Runepriest is heal orientated or not. (kinda interested in playing a one armed cleric)
Alright guys, we are officially full up, thanks to everyone who showed interest but I am taking first come first server (Meaning the first to give me at least a character name, class, and race) I will contact people who showed interest first if we are to lose a/some member(s) Good luck everyone!

Additional Information:

Games will be on Saturdays beginning at 7:00PM Central Standard Time 
Got my character created. He's a half-Orc barbarian named Brockus.
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