Two Combos For Your Consideration

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How do these cards combo? I'm not seeing it.
Looks like Ancient pumps Vigor. 

Not exactly a combo, but a nice bit of teamwork.

I'm guessing Realms gives you a lot of land to make a big Death Cloud, and you suffer little from the land sac because you already doubled your number of lands.

Thing is, by the time you cast Realms, you can already have fired off a nice Death Cloud.  X = 4 is pretty strong.  I'm trying to see why you'd want to ramp to get Death Cloud higher than X = 7 (the maximum number of cards in their hand) unless you're going for lethal.  But Cloud is a double edge sword, and nothing in that interaction screams "I have more life than them".
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These aren't combos at all. The first two are actually very independant effects, and the second, while the first card compliments the other, is basically no more a combo than any other mana accelerating spell or effect paired with an spell.

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Vigor, Pyrohemia, Fling is a better Vigor combo.
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