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My character is swimming and knocked prone by an attack.

Does being prone affect me?
I can find nothing in the rules that says prone doesn't occur underwater, so being prone underwater affects you normally.
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interesting question, I don't know a direct rules quote but if I was DM'ing I would rule that you sink instead, kind of like how a flying creature being knocked prone falls.
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Since the swimming rules don't mention any exceptions to the general combat rules in this regard, it would appear that you are affected normally - you become Prone in your space, and cannot move except via the Crawl action until you've taken a move action to right yourself.
For helping it make sense:

If you have ever been hit by something while you are in the water and spun around the effect is very disorienting.  Moving in any direction feels wierd and unhelpful until you take a second, figure out which way is up, and then start swimming.  I think that "take a second and orient myself" is the way to "stand up from prone" in water.

I was a white water rafting guide for 2 summers, so I know what it feels like to crab-hammered while swimming. 
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 "Prone" is just a simple word that denotes a specific set of penalties and circumstances inflicted by a specific game element.
In the case of swimming, narratively speaking you're effectively "dead in the water" (treading water and spending your efforts on insuring you don't drown) until you take a moment to gather your wits and reorient yourself.


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