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Hey guys, I'm running a White Weenie deck. It works pretty well against most decks I've come accross at my FNM, though there are a couple other aggro decks that seem to out do it. Currently, my deck is 70 cards, so suggestions on what to cut would be most appreciated; though if you have any other suggestions, including on what or what not to sideboard, those would also be welcome. Here's my current decklist:
Champion of the Parish x4
Doomed Travelerx4
Faith's Shield x4
Elite Inquisitor x4
Precinct Captain x4
Knight of Glory x4
Ajani, Caller of the Pride x1
Silverblade Paladin x4
Oblivion Ring x4
Fiend Hunter x4
Planar Cleansing x2
Mikaeus, the Lunarch x2
Divine Deflection x4
Cathedral of War x2
Plains x23

SB: Witchbane Orb x1
Curse of Exhaustion x2
Rest in Peace x2
Nevermore x4
Grafdigger's Cage x2
Thalia, Guardian of Thrabenx2
Riders of Gavony x2

You are an aggro deck, so right off the bat we can take out both Planar Cleansing and probably two Oblivion Ring.

Divine Deflection is also fairly mana-intensive and situational.  I would make it a 1-of.

4 Fiend Hunter might be overkill, as is 4 Faith Shield.  I would remove 1 and 2, respectively.

-2 Planar Cleansing
-2 Oblivion Ring
-3 Divine Deflection
-1 Fiend Hunter
-2 Faith Shield

I would also take out the Mikaeus, the Lunarch and just run Thalia in the main.  She's good against a lot of decks right now.  If budget isn't a concern I would also seriously consider branching into two colors.  Green gives you Rancor, Gavony Township, Mayor of Avabruck...blue gives you Lyev Skyknight, Geist of Saint Traft, Spectral Flight, etc.
The reason for the Planar Cleansings were to help in case another aggro deck got out of hand. My concern is that if I remove them, how would I deal with those decks? Just hope to out-aggro them?
That's the general rule of thumb.  The last thing an Aggro deck wants is to wipe its own board as well.
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Well, okay. If you guys think that'll work, I'll give it a try. By the way, I'm usually a U, U/B, or W/U control player, so its hard to stop thinking in terms of a "how do I deal with that" mentality. Thanks for the assistance.
It's still a "how do I deal with that" mentality.  You just have to remember that answer is different in Aggro then in Control.  Most of the time Aggro will seek to out Aggro other creatures, with perhaps light spot removal, and try to win with superior creatures, since it doesn't want to wipe out all of it's own creatures.
My Decks
Standard: BR Aggro Burn RDW Modern: Dragon Stompy Burn Fae Tempo Zoo Cherrios Legacy: Zoo Dragon Stompy Pauper: Slivers Landfall EDH: Sliver Overlord
1000th post on 2-1-10. 5000th post on 1-21-13.
Well, okay. If you guys think that'll work, I'll give it a try. By the way, I'm usually a U, U/B, or W/U control player, so its hard to stop thinking in terms of a "how do I deal with that" mentality.

If you go into blue, you can use Feeling of Dread since it has both offensive and defensive use and is cheap. However, if you mainboard Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, you don't want to run a lot of non-creature cards. I only run 4x Faith's Shield.

Here is my build: community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

Note that I haven't run it yet. I might tonight.

Well, here's my issue: Last week I played this deck at FNM. It went 3-2 (though I probably could've gone 4-1 if I didn't forget that a creature had deathtouch). The only deck I went 0-2 against was a G/W deck very similar to mine. At one point we both had 2 Silverblade Paladins out, mine paired to Precinct Captains, hers paired with Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and a Knight of Glory. When she finally attacked, I had to block or I'd have lost. She always top 4's, and won a tournament this last Saturday some place else in the state (don't remember the specifics of the tournament). In a situation like that, the board wipes seem like a boon, even if it does destroy my board. What else could I have done in that situation?
What else could I have done in that situation?

Riders of Gavony, choose "human."

Well, you have a lot of options, actually.

If we are just worried about surviving incoming strikes with our pounders, then either Restoration Angel, or the Trickier Cloudshift does wonders. As long as the opponent isn't trampling, you protect from the double damage, and you get to swing back in against a board overcommited. That seems okay, and is should even be doable with a Thalia on the board.

Divine Deflection also works wonders. Prevents damage, reflects it back upon creatures to kill it with. All sorts of good things.

Rain of Blades ruins the mirror matches day.


In WW decks, in particular, having Instant Anthem effects really helps out. Either Rally the Peasents or Break of Day really tend to work well. Find some you like, sneak in a few copies, and you're sure to surprise even some vets.


All of this, of course, assumes that you have Mana available on your opponents or your turn when the action happens. If you are tapping out and losing, you might want to start considering tricks that you can use to make your opponent double think.

White plays out differently than Red. In Red, you don't really want to bluff. You just want to thrust through. In White, it's more about the bluff. Having two or three mana open in White means a lot more than it does in red. In Red, it just means some burn. In white, it means having an army appear for defense when there wasn't one before. It means tougher creatures than you were expecting. It means that you can't deal damage to a critical block, and the preserved creature will continue to ruin your day.

There are a lot of solutions. You're going to need to find one that works to your style of play.
If you're going to splash a color, I'd go green over blue by far. Just for rancor, mayor and gavony.
With all those Fiend Hunter I don't see why you are not running at least a couple Restoration Angel and a playset of Cloudshift.

When the Fiend Hunter comes into play, as long as your opponent does not counter it, you immediately cast Cloudshift and target the Fiend Hunter. At this point you control all of the triggers on the battlefield and with some clever triggering you can exile one target for good while exiling a second target that can return to the battlefield once the Fiend Hunter leaves.

Something like this:
Cast Fiend Hunter and get his ETB trigger #1 - target one of opponent's creatures
Cast Cloudshift before ETB trigger #1 resolves - target the Fiend Hunter for the flicker
Allow the Cloudshift trigger to resolve and flicker the Fiend Hunter
This gives you two more triggers, the Fiend Hunter's LTB trigger and ETB trigger #2 - target a different creature of the opponent
If your opponent has not cast any spells to answer these two spells then you control all of the triggers at this point.
This is how you order the triggers:
First: the LTB trigger (which targets the creature from ETB trigger #1) goes off, there is no real target exiled so it fizzles.
Second: the ETB trigger #1 - the target creature is exiled and its return trigger has already fizzled so it's gone for good.
Third: the ETB trigger #2 - just like it would normally do, the Fiend Hunter exiles target creature.

You can do the same thing with a Restoration Angel, it just takes 7 mana instead of 4.

I say all this because I don't think that mono-white aggro has a chance versus the other aggro decks currently in Standard, there is too many Red creatures with Haste and too many Sorcery speed removal/board wipe spells for this build to really be competitive - better to try and build something that is more mid-range with combat tricks to confuse and confound. Spells like Safe Passage and Rootborn Defenses would do this build some good as well. You might want to think about adding more angels as well, a couple Angel of Jubilation could do the trick, IMHO.
Wow, I did not know Fiend Hunter and Cloudshift work together like that...I may have to add a couple in because that seems too fun to pass up.
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