Arrhythmia and Blindness

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I'm writing this story where the main character has a genetic heart condition and another character is blind. Any imput on how these conditions would affect lifestyle?

Sidenote: These conditions are not the focus of the story. 
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A heart condition is extremely serious or no big deal at all. I have a heart condition and it really only affected me when I was a baby and had surgery. I have many friends though whose heart conditions affect them on a daily basis. Kids come to Heart Camp with multiple gallon ziploc bags filled with all of the medication they need in order to survive a partially normal life. A person with a heart condition would have regular doctor appoints and surgery at some point. Some heart problems put restrictions on a person's ability to exert energy. Some problems affect a person greatly and cause the person to need a transplant. I have many friends who have had to go through multiple times.

I hope that helped! 
Being blind from birth and becoming blind would determine how it would affect their lifestyle.  A person who worked a job, got married etc. goes blind at 30 or 40 something would have different adjustments from a person who is blind from birth.  I know 2 or 3 blind from birth people, 2 worked and 1 was a student.  1 was single, 1 married (maybe with kids) and 1 single with kids.  I know of a policeman who went blind from type 2 diabetes and was completely devastated by it because now he couldn't read or watch TV, and about a thousand other things we take for granted.

Good luck with your story, hope that helped. 

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