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Rolling Temblor Does this include your own creatures, as in all creatures? It's a play on words I guess but it seems to say all creatures regardless who controls them.
Are your creatures creatures without flying? If so, it deals damage to them.
So that would be the same as Bloodfire Colossus ability then? Seems like a bad trade, have to find a counter or something to keep my creatures alive.
Yes, it's the same for Bloodfire Colossus. To see an effect that affects all creatures, vs one that affects only your opponents' creatures, see Wrath of God vs Plague Wind.

As for usefulness? Well, that's more a strategy question, but the main point with hits-everything sweepers is that if you don't need to use it, you're probably ahead, and if you do need to use it then you're probably going to get card advantage (assume you have only 1 creature out, and they have 3. You use Wrath of God. You've given up 2 cards, they've lost 3, you're up by 1). Of course, sometimes you might be in a position where they have a single creature that you just need to kill and will actually get card disadvantage if you need to use a sweeper to do so, but those are the breaks.

Generally though, sweepers are darn awesome - they're only dead against noncreature decks, and against creature heavy decks they can be backbreaking.

I seem to have rambled a bit there. Apologies.  
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I enjoyed your input, thanks for taking the time to add some thoughts into your response... it's helpful.
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