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If an effect let you take an extra phase of your choice, could it be used to get an extra untap step (not a phase I know but surely it exists within one)? What about, say an extra cleanup (I honestly can't even remember if cleanup's a phase or step)?
The Beginning Phase includes the Untap, Upkeep and Draw steps.

The Ending Phase include the End and Cleanup steps.

No such card currently exists, but if a hypothetical effect did allow you to choose an extra phase, you could choose the beginning phase or ending phase to get 2x untap steps or 2x cleanup steps.

But as Ikegami highlights, the untap and cleanup parts of a turn are steps, within phases (the beginning and ending phases). 
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Wow. I think won of my YMTC contestants just made the most broken card since Urza block then. I feared this was the case.
note: having two untap or cleanup steps would be mostly useless as likely nobody would be able to do anything during them

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but having 2 whole beginning phases is useful
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Two beginings + "mana doesn't empty" = !!!