Packet 4 Playtest Feedback

We just did our 4th session in the Playtest, with rules from the latest packet 4. 

Our group included a fighter, wizard, and trickser cleric (mine) all level 4. I'm going to breakdown my comments into the biggest points of feedback.

Monsters: Wow, this was a totally different experience then our previous session in both groups. Bestiary got truly upgraded and totally changed the tone of our game from heroic to surivalist. The first encounter (average level), took me and the wizard down to 0hp in about 3 rounds. The fighter was able to beat everything down, but was dropped from 43HP to 8 in a bout 6 rounds. Not sure how I feel about this. It definately make my "support role" as a healer much more mandatory, and even though I got more spells and more abilities, I feel like I can do less because of the importance of holding back for healing spells.

Fighter: Way tougher, manuevers got much better. This class is wierd becasue it;s clearly superior to other classes, but still leaves the player wanting more exploration options. I get that the fighter is supposed to be spending his martial dice denying lots of damage, but with no abilities that allow him to force enemies to attack him, I can't see why anyone would until clerics and mages are killed off.

Cleric: Channel Divinity is a lot cooler, I'm generally very happy with the cleric. Some of the Divinities don't seem well balanced between one another. For example, I have Mirror image and cast invisibility until the start of the next turn. The latter ability is very difficult to find an effective use for considering it takes up an action.

Wizard: Just didn't seem to do enough damage in the combats. 

My mind is a deal-breaker.