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I was wondering is there a site or forum where people share their 4e adventures?

I see that this forum is kinda obsessed with mechanics and ddn, so I guess nobody would be interested to read homebrew adventures.
This forum or these forums? You should have seen this place when it was Campaign and Adventure Workshop. Homebrew ideas floating everywhere...

You could dig through the older posts for ideas, but as for a place with listed, complete homebrew adventures, i wouldn't know.

Since the name change, this place recieves about as much traffic as an Amish bustop. I would recomend posting a similar question in the What's a DM to Do? forum.

Also, a lot of people, myself included, would be interested in homebrew adventures. I will be checking this thread often to see if a site has been located, and will do some searching myself.

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I came to the Homebrew part looking for this very same kind of site. Obviously I do not have any suggestions.
I think there used to be a sub-section on adventure building and sharing stories of adventures.  To my knowledge, they pushed all of it here.  I could be mistaken...  Why not start a megathread: "SHARE YOUR ADVENTURES HERE!" or something like that.

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