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Since Crib Swap is all creature types, does that mean it can be the target of Raise Dead and similar effects?  Can Karador, Ghost Chieftan cast it from the graveyard?
Crib Swap is a Tribal Instant, not a Creature, so effects that care about creature cards don't work with it, even though it has creature types.
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No, and no. "Creature" is not a creature type (type of creature), so it's not a creature.
it really depends on the actual card
for example Haakon, Stromgald Scourge would allow you to cast it from the graveyard (it is a knight)
Exhume will not return it to the battlefield (it is not a creature)
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You can, however, search for Crib Swap with things like Goblin Matron. Note that this only works if it says to search for a (type) card. If it says (type) creature card you won't be able to get a tribal.

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likewise Horde of Notions can use it repeatedly from the graveyard

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