Question regarding Stonehewer Giant and Empyrial Archangel

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Just wondering if this is at all possible

Lets say i have Stonehewer Giant and Empyrial Archangel out on my side of the table.. could i use Stonehewer's ability to search for an equipment card such as darksteel plate and equip it to the archangel?

yes, Stonehewer Giant's ability does not target, so it will go through Empyrial Archangel's Shroud

it also means your opponent cannot respond to your choice of equipment or equipment weilder
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thanks a bunch.. thats what i thought would happen just wanted another voice on the ruling as there are a few people in my playgroups that tend to argue about rulings and such
If you check The Gatherer under Stonehewer Giant (click here), you'll find this:
«This ability doesn't target a creature. You may attach the Equipment to a creature that has shroud, for example.»

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