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When does the Ongoing Effects of Plot Quests begin to work? More speciffically, there are certain Plot Quests (like "Quell Mercenary Uprising") that give you extra VP's whenever you complete a Quest of a certain type, which happens to be their own type.  Do you get the extra VP's when you complete that Plot Quest as well? (the one that gives the bonus) Or does the Ongoing Effect start working only after you've claimed the rewards of the Plot Quest in question? (How many VP's do you get when you complete "Quell Mercanary Uprising"?)
I have been wondering about the same cards.  For example, the quest card 'Protect the House of Wonder' says "Whenever you complete a Piety Quest, you score 2 points."   I think that a plot quest only takes affect after it is played.  After all, page eleven of the rulebook states, "When you complete a Plot Quest, place its card face up near your player mat to remind you you of the ongoing effect."  
Well, yeah, I agree with you. I've been using it that way and it works fine (Ongoing Effects start to work after the Plot Quest is completed (the order would be Complete Quest-->Take Rewards), thus you don't get the bonus for the Plot Quest itself because it was completed before the Ongoing Effect hits the table). Thanks for your reply, Truthspeaker.
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