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I am pondering playing a 3.5e Cleric of Pelor with my D&D group and I wished to gain people's thoughts on what level of roleplaying passes the acceptable line.

I imagine him to be a champion of his faith--but not like most of Pelor's faithful.  A blade in each hand in combat and covered in platemail, he'll be an instrument of his god's holy justice.  However that is not the aspect which I have come to ask about.  

I have come to ask about his sense of morality and ethics (and if you all think it would be--too much for a group to handle):

-He is the kind to heal the wounded (during time in town) without asking for a fee, only requesting that they pass on the kindness. 

-Offer a large percentage of the spoils of adventuring not to the Church, but to improving the lives of those who need it.  A few examples of this would be:
  -Buying heavy blankets in bulk to distribute to the homeless for the upcoming cold season.
  -Distributing his gold to poor families struggling to survive.
  -Gathering the materials to perform a "Raise Dead" spell on a man who died serving the people.

-He would actively argue against delivering criminals to the authorities.  In example: He would not have a thief arrested, he would give the thief enough money to survive for a few months and explain to him how it is wrong to steal.  How there are more ethical ways to make a living.  And if nothing else, the Priesthood.  
Would such a character be a nuisance to the party (he would advocate similar actions of his companions)? 


He wouldn't be a nuisance to the party unless:
1. He was incredibly preachy/pushy. As in, demanding they follow his beliefs, instead of treating his beliefs as suggestions for the group. It's the difference between "I think we shouldn't turn the thief over to the authorities, but if the rest of you think we should, I'll respect the group's decision" and "We aren't turning the thief over to the authorities and that's final. Do what I want or else."
2. He dips into party funds. If he's only spending his share of the treasure on these blankets and such, the rest of the party shouldn't care. After all, it's his money. But if he starts handing out their money, without their consent? Then he's stealing and they have a right to take offense.

And you should realize that giving away all the character's gold may make him weaker due to lack of resources. If you're okay with this, then there's no problem, right?

If you do have a problem with your character falling behind, you can either accept the fact or have him realize he's crippling his ability to do his god's work with his actions, so he'd start dialing back the charity a bit. He can always sell of what he gains through adventuring once he retires, after all, so keeping some cash in a personal "fight evil" fund wouldn't be out of character. (Unless he goes Stupid Good, but hey. You know the character better than me, I'm just offering up possible scenarios that may come up.)
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I figured he would buy what he needs to for adventuring first (e.g. potions of cure light wounds, that new +2 Flaming Morningstar he was looking at, etc.) and then donate what he can.  And I don't want him to be pushy, but I do want him to advocate it. 
The only way to know if you're being a nuisance to the party is if the party indicates it.  As a player, you might want to actually mention this stuff to the other players beforehand, so they can advise you on whether or not you need to tone it down.
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