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Hi there, just a silly question.



Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Guttersnipe deals 2 damage to each oponent.

If I have the enchantment dual casting, and I copy any instant I play, does Guttersnipe would deal 4 damage right? 2 for the original instant and 2 for the copy. Same thing happens If I copy an Instant or Sorcery with Chandra or anything that makes a copy right?

In the case I play Reverberate: "Copy target instant or sorcery spell ......"   How will it work with Guttersnipe? does it deals 2 for the original sorcery, 2 for the Reverberate and 2 for the copy? or just 2 for the original spell and 2 for the Reverberate?

I just want to make sure about his ruling.

thank you    
If you copy a spell directly, with something like Dual Casting or Reverberate, it won't trigger Guttersnipe as you're not casting the copy, you're just copying a spell on the stack. Notice the difference in wording between these and Isochron Scepter, which has you copy a card and cast it.

So with Dual Casting, you're looking at 2 damage (the original spell only). With Reverberate, 4 (for the original spell + the Reverberate, but not the copy).

Hope that makes sense.
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