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Hi I was curiuous how the new Bloodrush mechanic from Gatecrash interacts with Wild Beastmaster. Can you stack it so that when you declare an attack you can use a Bloodrush ability then have her give that +x/+x to all your other creatures aswell?
The Beastmaster's ability checks its power when the ability resolves. So you can attack with the Beastmaster, then in response to the trigger increase the Beastmaster's power so your other creatures will get a bigger boost.

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Excellent. Thank you for your time
Yes, that works.  You declare Wild Beastmaster as an attacker and her ability triggers.  She is now an attacking creature.  Then you cast your pump spell (or use bloodrush) in response to the trigger.  The pump spell resolves first, boosting Wild Beastmaster, then the Wild Beastmaster's own ability resolves, at which point it checks the power of the Wild Beastmaster and sees the current (pumped) power to use.

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