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Selesngai a two side
The first selesngai creator
The second selesngai destroy

1 ability
Hybrid pick two toke create a new have passive ability (like
(hexproof) can't hybrid a hybrid
Restove join guild land give at begin turn pick a and populate for if all destroy toke type can populate for within
Pay turn in selesngai destroy

2 when turn flip sac toke and give power and passive ability and if chose can sac power but only ability pay 2 colourless

Bless of selesngai 3/3 ( tramable
In to end of turn

If the stongerst you control
Toke give 2/1

Restove but sac guild land
Born of loin for each ability have
Create toke half of power
This is completely unreadable.
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Ah, born of loin is just untoppable. 
you'd think so, but can't hybrid a hybrid

That's how you populate. (By the way, R Kelly's "Share my Love" is a serious mood-killer just because of the narm of "populate".)
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I think I've figured out what it says (I think it's a split card?) but even if I'm right, it's a pretty terrible card. Definitely point 4 font text boxes, and that on a split card.

...Which arguably makes this thread even better, overall. 
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