The Dungeon Master Experience: Dial M for Melora

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The Dungeon Master Experience
Dial M for Melora

By Chris Perkins

When the party's on the ropes and a character prays for divine intervention, what do you do?

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Spin the Cliché
I think it is useful to consider these things like they're different types of game mechanics. The PC has normal powers, the use of which are inherent, they're part of the game and expected and accounted for. The DM might rope PCs into something by virtue of their class and social position, but PCs don't have to 'pay' for their powers. OTOH if a player wants to ask for something EXTRA, say be praying for divine intervention, then look upon it more like the sort of 'plot coupon' kind of play that happens in indie games. Sure, as long as the player RPs it credibly and invokes believable aspects of the character, etc then something is going to happen. It just might not be consequence free. In fact it will NEVER be consequence free. The player in effect has put his chips on the table and he's going to pay a price.

Consider, the DM wants the story to move forward, and the player is basically ASKING for complications. It should work out well for everyone at the table, though the players may find that they're going to have to do more work now to achieve their goals. At least the DM is keeping them working...
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