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What do you think of this deck, or eventually, what changes would you recommend? I have a problem with the lands, since my highest spell only requires 3 mana, so I don't know how many I should include. Yeah, I know, these cards mightn't be "the best of their kind" but I tried to include the cards that are avalible to me, or that I can buy.
I'd like to see more dual casting to enchant your blistercoil weird with. Then less 2 of's and more playsets.
mana leak and rune snag should be your go-to counters. lightning bolt and maybe incinerate for your main burn package.

Maybe a 1 of on some giant spell you can finish the game with that works with blister/casting for some shennanigans.


Counterspell best counter around.

Lightning Bolt best burn around.

Kiln Fiend seems made for your deck.

But it all depends what format you are playing.

I don't know what format I want to play yet, most likely FNM.
What do you think I could remove in the place of the  Kiln Fiend  ? I dont really see anything I could remove in the place of it?
I will replace Dispell and Negate with Counterspell or Mana Leak. Also, I will replace Searing Spear with Incinerate.
I will add another Dual Casting x2 in the place of Browbeat.
Yeah, I know Lightning Bolt is the best burn card, but I have trouble getting it, and I think that by using it, I kind of waste the ability of the Goblin Electromancer.

FMN is ussually Standard format.

Innistrad Block

Return to Ravnica Block

I havent played  paper magic in 8 years, so can you explain this to me.            
Not much to explain.

Only cards from those blocks I mentioned are legal. 

Dark Ascension
Avacyn Restored

Return to Ravnica
Gatecrash (soon to be released)


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