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First of all , sorry about the bad english , im from Brazil and im not good with your language.

My group gona star play D&D 4.0 , we all fresh with d20 system , we come from Werewolf and Vampire .
We gona use only:  Dungeon Master Guide , Player's Handbook , Player's Handbook 2 , Monsters Manual and Adventurer's Vault.

My question is: how be a good cleric , with good suport and some "fire power" for do damage while im not needed healing.

I dont want a full guide with pictures , just some counties and tips about how to be a good cleric and be useful.

I hope you guys can read this hahaha.

Tyvm and happy new year!


Here is the Cleric Handbook, which has a lot of useful information:

And in 4e, Leaders (like the cleric) are not forced into just a "healer role".  They have choices on how to lead effectively.  Clerics work by buffing allies somewhat, debuffing enemies somewhat, granting tons of saving throws, and healing.

They are very weak in terms of repositioning allies, and enabling extra attacks.

Bargle wrote:
This is CharOp. We not only assume block-of-tofu monsters, but also block-of-tofu DMs.

Zelink wrote:
You're already refluffing, why not refluff to something that doesn't suck?
In dragon magazine 400 they introduced the option of battle clerics lore in place of healers lore.  This was to fix some major problems with how the class worked.  It gives you scale proficiency, a +2 shield bonus to AC, and instead of healing your wisdom modifier, you add +2 bonus to hit until the end of your next turn when you target someone with a surge spending healing power.  Even if you only use those materials adding this will make it a lot easier to play a cleric since otherwise you will be spread very thin on stats and feats just to keep up. 

If you can't take battle clerics lore that I would probably go wisdom primary with at least a 18 post racial stat bump and put a few points into charisma.  Then make con or dex your secondary stat.  Go with a race like dwarf, deva, longtooth shifter, or elf.  Then pick the blue or better wisdom implement powers from the handbook.

If you can get battle clerics lore, pick whether you want to be in melee or at range or both.  If melee go str/cha, if ranged go wisdom and a little in charisma, if both go str/wis.  Then pick the powers from PHB1 that get a blue or higher rating from the handbook.   

You might want to go str/wis with longtooth shifter as your race since that gives you a good range of powers to pick from and that is the only way to get a str/wis race with those books.
Ty for link TheMalteseFalchion.

we have no access to dragons magazine , only basic books.

Well , if im right i need focus on wisdom and charisma for do damage with radiant spells , i gona use implements and gona be a devoted cleric and need find a new path in lvl 11 , like radiant servent , that use more wisdom powers , so this make me a caster cleric.

And if i want do melee damage i must use battle cleric with focus on strengh and charisma , using weapons powers and gona be warpriest or angelic avenger in lvl 11.

Basically this , right?


That's right.  Its much easier to build an effective caster cleric with the materials you have so I would go that route.

Making an effective battle cleric without dragon magazine is very hard since you need to invest in too many stats and feats to even be decent and you don't have good paragon path options.  They fixed their mistakes with a lot of classes by adding more options in dragon magazine.
I read some dragons , but here they dont translate since 2009 ='( , this country sux lol

I will try build a caster type , after i done i will post the results here.

Tyvm for help.


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