New Scenarios for the D&D Board Games

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My family have now finished all the adventures in the Adventure Book that comes with the LoD board game. We are now about to embark on the WoA board game, but we are still interested in trying some new LoD scenarios.

The scenario book says that there are additional scenarios available on the D&D website, but I am not able to find them. Can anyone give me the link?

I noticed that there are many token in the LoD box that are not used in the scenarios in the adventure book--are there scenarios for these items anywhere (i.e., the treasure chests)?

I assume that I can just make my own scenarios using these items, but I am interested in trying out a few more official adventures first.

Also, what is the point of the ally cards in LoD? There is one scenario where Wulfgar is rescued and his ally card comes into play, but what about the other cards? Are they included for those of us who want to invent our own scenarios? Or maybe the rescue of Wulfgar can be changed to rescue Regis so that the Wulfgar character can be played?

Matt West 
I have not found any additional adventures on the website for LoD, but they do have them for CR and WoA - but you may not be able to play those as they may refer to tiles that only exist in those sets. Sorry that this is probably not the answer you were looking for. You can find those additional adventures under the particular product's page and select the "Related Articles" tab. Here's the page for WoA:

Thanks Keith! That helps--although some LoD specific adventures would have been nice to have!
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