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My opponent casts Siren's Call on my creatures. I have 10 of them 7 of which are already tapped. I tap my Goblin Sharpshooter to ping him. My creatures that don't attack die at the end of turn. Is my sharpshooter able to see each of my creatures that are going to die (sharpshooter include) and ping my opponent for at least seven?
Well technically it sees them all going to the graveyard and triggers for each - however, all the creatures are destroyed at the same time (in a similar fashion to Wrath of God), so unless you save it in some way (ie. Reknit) it won't be able to make use of all those triggers (because it'll be in the graveyard when they're resolving).
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All of the creatures that didn't attack that turn are destroyed at the same time. While the Sharpshooter will trigger for each one, since it's no longer on the battlefield when those triggers resolve, the triggers won't do anything.

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The goblin sharpshooter's ability would indeed see all the creatures that die, including itself.  However since it is in the graveyard before the triggers are even put on the stack, the triggers will simply resolve and do nothing.  Since the sharpshooter isn't on the battlefield when the untap triggers resolve it will be unable to ping the opponent again.

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