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Just dusted off and uncovered all my old cards.  I started in '94 and collected up to Urza's Saga.  Been reading up on all the new abilities and it's simply overwhelming.  Been using the "gatherer" to find all the new combos but my brain hurts.  I guess I just need to find some local players and start up again, or else I'm gonna read myself into oblivian.

But I must say, this game has grown to be so much more than I could have ever imagined.  I knew when I picked it up it was an amazing game, but holy crap has it blown up 10 fold.

It has been awesome going through all the old cards/artwork and getting a huge smile on my face from all the memories.  Also, selling some of these older beta/unlimited cards might help me through some financial struggles.  

Anyway, glad to be getting back into the Magic Multiverse. 
If you start out by getting a handle on standard that might reduce some of the "catching up" time as you'd be focusing on a limited number of cards. Then once you get used to standard you can go back over modern and legacy changes.

There are also some good videos such as videos from the pro tour or "deck tech" videos which can help give you an idea of the speed of the format and what decks look like these days.
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You might also want to check out the [thread=973044]Returning Player Rules Primer[/thread] for a rules touchup.

Welcome back to the game! We've been keeping it going for you. ;)

Come join me at No Goblins Allowed

Because frankly, being here depresses me these days.

It'll be ok.

Just study Gatherer like any good Magic player would ;] 
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Thank you much for the replies.  I will check out those links and continue to browse the Gatherer.  

Thanks for keeping the game going for me as well, time for me to pick up some slack! 
Start with standard and work backward through extended and modern, as far as rules familiarity. Glad you know how much your old cards are worth! :D
Welcome back to the war, old soldier. There's a lot of new-fangled guns running around, but you'll find a few of the old one's are still worth using.

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Welcome back!

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