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I had 3 Elemental tokens from Grove of the Guardian on the battlefield. One of them was enchanted with Rancor. My opponent had a Mounted Archer on the battlefield. I attacked with the three Elementals and he blocked all three of them with the Archer. How much damage gets through? Clearly the two unenchanted Elementals are stopped completely. But does the one enchanted with Rancor only deal 7 damage to my opponent or does the full 10 get through? Why? 
It's up to you, which means the full 10 will get through unless for some reason you don't want it to (in which case you probably wouldn't have attacked in the first place).

When assigning damage from multiple creatures where only some of them have trample, there's absoloutely nothing stopping you from optimizing the amount of trample damage that gets through. You only need to assign 3 damage to the Archer in order to do this, which is well under the combined 16 power of your non-Trampling attackers, so you're free to assign all the damage from the Rancored attacker to the defending player unless for some reason you want to assign some to the Archers.
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Oh! There's a rule for that!
702.18b [When assigning Trample damage], take into account (...) damage from other creatures that’s being assigned during the same combat damage step...

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