Gamma World Custom Adventure, the Burning Bog

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The Burning Bog

Introduction (The Semi-Exiting Stuff)

You've grown up in the town of Green Post, on the edge of a glowing swamp. Life's always been fair for you, but, when a large, purple beam of energy shot into the sky from the center of the swamp a week ago, Green Post has been spiraling into chaos. Hoping for order, the people of Green Post looked to their mad "leader", Dave! Yognaught (and I have the balls), for guidence, but all he's done since coming to real power has been to order a wall to be constructed around the town.

Yeah, like that's going to stop a laser.

Now, with curiosity, and the hope to free your town, fueling you, it's time to grab your street-sign armor and reproduction katana, and set off into the swamp in search of what really went down in the swamp.

The Burning Bog is a custom Gamma World adventure designed for four first level characters.

Other Fluff (The Boring Stuff) 
This is my first custom Gamma World adventure, so there are bound to be errors. If you find any that are major flaws in my writing, let me know!

 Download (The Good Stuff)

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Note: the download is in PDF format.  

First, from what I've read so far this looks like a great job that you've done on this. Thank you for writing it and posting it. 

Second, I am going to be GM'ing for the first time in about 25 years. Would you say that this would be an okay adventure for a new GM to run? I see that it was written for 1st level characters, which is cool. My son and his friends are just getting into Gamma World. I used to play Gamma World when I was about twelve years old - back when it was still on 1st Edition...

Anyway, thanks for writing this adventure.  
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