Running my first campaign soon, setting it in Kingdom Hearts.

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Exactly as the title says! This'll be my first (second) shot at DMing, and I'm a littl nervous, as I figure most DMs are when they start. Thus far I've got 4 players for sure, and a handful of maybes. My biggest problem is I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with an interesting story. Especially since we all have varying degrees of familiarity with the setting. (I've played nearly all of the games, most have only played KH 1 and 2, and one player hasn't played any, though she loves the concept). I plan on using inherent bonuses, and giving each player a 'toy' of sorts, which I'll go over in a bit.

As I was saying, story is becoming difficult. I was thinking of setting this a few years later in the future. Keyblade wielders are becoming increasingly common, and they're also becoming less pure of heart. The power of the Keyblade is becoming more and more diluted. What's more, the worlds have been connected and no longer require Gummy modes of transportation to get between them. You can do it via warping at what is essentially an inter-dimensional station. Because of thse two facts, King Mickey is making the most of things by stationing the new Keyblade wielders at the various worlds as guards against the Heartless. They've multiplied and are more or less an established part of the food chain now. You can stomp them out about as well as mosquitos or fleas. 

My first player is a member of the royal guard at the castle. She's a new recruit, and is learning to dual-wield her Keyblades ala valor form. Doesn't have an ounce of magic, but can lay the smackdown, and is a bit wreckless (Hybrid Barbarian|Ranger). The "toy" is the bracers that give +2 to melee damage rolls.

My second player is a Nobody. Because there are more and more Heartless, more and more Nobodies have been appearing too, and he was strong enough to gain proper sentience like many before him. He wants to become a full person like the Organization XIII before him, but doesn't want to do it through deplorable means like they did. (Refluffed Druid, shifts into a pure Nobody form to fight in melee and can summon other Nobodies to fight with him). The "toy" is the gloves that grant +1d10 damage to beast damage rolls with combat advantage.

And I don't know about the other two players. One thing I was thinking of is having some of these less reputable Keyblade wielders being the badguys. Have them operate in the shadows, and find the keyholes to the doors of darkness, and erecting structures around them to release Heartless en masse. I'm calling them the Architects, though I don't know if this is a good idea, or if it sounds better in my head. It just seemed likea decent idea for the villainous organization of this particular story. 

And that's what I've got so far! I'm very open to suggestions and idea. One problem I'm facing is it seems like everyone wants to play a striker, and while I don't want to bully someone into playing something they don't want, I also think it'll be a headache to try and balance around that, even with a companion character to play leader, so I don't know how to approach that. Woo! Anyway, fire away, and I appreciate the feedback! :D
In my personal opinion the best villians are the ones that believe wholeheartedly they are doing things for the Greater Good.

Here would be my shot at making a villian / villianous organization:

A group of keyblade wielders notice one of two things:
1) There is something coming, the heartless have been too restless and this time of peace is weakening everyone.
2) The Keyblades being diluted means that the power might die out if they don't cut out the weak of body and impure of heart.

Then they build around those things.  Its kind of like Medivh from Warcraft (or one version of the story anyway).  He knew that there was something coming that the world in it's present form would not be able to handle.  He knew that the only way to do this was the idea of the crucible.  Where the world must be tempered through battle to be able to fight off what was coming.  So he opened a portal to outland and brought forth the Orcs into the world.  They raped, pillaged, plundered.  They burned and destroyed.  

But then the world started to unite.  Heroes arose, alliances were forged and the orcs and their masters were thrown back.  The world came to learn that the demonic taint on the orcs was what drove them to act the way they did and learned to live with some of them once their demonic connection was severed.  A shaky truce was held between the horde and the alliance, broken constantly by old hatreds and new conflicts.

Then came the Burning Crusade.  The portal was reopened and this time it wasn't simple orcs that flowed through the portal, but the true might of the Burning Legion itself.  Demons, devils, Fel-infused Orcs, warlocks of terrible power and huge war machines assaulted the world.  But the world was prepared.  They had learned the taste of war and were able to turn all of those old problems into new strengths.

So, in this example Medivh is kind of a good guy and kind of a bad guy.  You can feel good fighting against his plots and schemes but at the same time you understand him.  He comes to be vindicated (he was right, the world did need to learn how to fight before the Legion assaulted the world), but will your villian?  Even if he was proven to be right was there another way to prepare the world that didn't involve so much death and destruction? Use that for building this organization and you should have the beginnings to a pretty good story.
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In my personal opinion the best villians are the ones that believe wholeheartedly they are doing things for the Greater Good.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes........Yes.

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