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If an attacker sends a creature thats 2/3 with deathtouch over as his attacker and the defender assigns three creatures that are 2/2, 2/3, 2/4 to block that creature. According to the rules in order to have the attacking creature hit more then one of the defender creatures that are blocking it, it must do lethal damage to the precedding creature and thats without any affects that increase its lethal damage or am I reading rule 510.1c incorrectly?

Is the deathtouch considered lethal damage so the deathtouch creature only has to do 1 damage to a creature and it can hit a second blocking creature with the other 1 damage to it can kill 2 of the three blocking creatures?

Also I saw where the attacking creature can do more then lethal damage to a blocking creature so if a creature, lets say a 6/6 trample creature attacks and the same three creatures block it from above. Can the 6/6 trample just assign all the 6 damage to the 2/2 and 4 of the damage tramples over to the player or does the 6/6 have to divide its damage among all 3 blocking creatures?
Yes, all damage dealt by a source with deathtouch is considered lethal for all purposes.

Yes, a creature in combat may assign more than lethal damage if its controller wants.
A creature doesn't "trample over" if it assigns combat damage to a creature greater than that creature's toughness. Trample allows the creature's controller to assign any excess damage to the defending player or planeswalker if all its blockers have been assigned lethal damage. A creature with trample can assign more than lethal damage to a blocking creature, and all of that damage will be dealt to the creature.
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Can the 6/6 trample just assign all the 6 damage to the 2/2 and 4 of the damage tramples over to the player

6+4=10.  It can not assign 10 damage.

510.1a Each attacking creature and each blocking creature assigns combat damage equal to its power. Creatures that would assign 0 or less damage this way don't assign combat damage at all.

702.18b The controller of an attacking creature with trample first assigns damage to the creature(s) blocking it. Once all those blocking creatures are assigned lethal damage, any remaining damage is assigned as its controller chooses among those blocking creatures and the player or planeswalker the creature is attacking. When checking for assigned lethal damage, take into account damage already marked on the creature and damage from other creatures that's being assigned during the same combat damage step, but not any abilities or effects that might change the amount of damage that's actually dealt. The attacking creature's controller need not assign lethal damage to all those blocking creatures but in that case can't assign any damage to the player or planeswalker it's attacking.

No, I am not a judge. That's why I like to quote sources such as the rules that trump judges.

Just wondering but what if a creature thats attacking was a 6/6 trample deathtouch and the same creatures blocked it? Wouldn't do 1 damage to each where by killing each and 3 damage to the player and also die since all 3 blocking creatures would do a total of 6 damage to the attacking creature?
That is correct
Wouldn't the 2 damage be used on two of the creatures and the rest of the damage on the last ctreature and if any of that damage goes over the last creatures toughness then it hit the player? Least thats way I'm reading the rules on this.
you'd assign 1 to the 2/2
you'd assign 1 to the 2/3
you'd assign 1 to the 2/4
you'd assign 3 to the defending player or planeswalker
and the damage would be dealt as assigned

deathtouch and trample change how damage is assigned 

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Why would you block a death touch creature with 3 other creatures though?
To try and take as little trample damage as possible, for one.  To try and kill it depending on its size, for another.

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In this case, however, I think it was just academic to find out how the rules work.
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