Riku of Two Reflections: Help Wanted

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Riku can be a mana pig, so I try to minimize that by using cheap spells and ramp while maximizing Riku's ability. You seem to be heading for spendier spells, have 3 legendaries Riku can't copy, and enchantments he can't copy. Also, while I happen to like them, leveling creatures are also mana pigs that fight Riku for mana. So I feel you might be better served with Animar, Soul of Elements as a commander.

Or you can identify the function of some of the spendier cards Riku can't double (or can't double easily/early) and replace them with cheaper versions that he can.

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Pyroclasm seems underwhelming.

Mizzium mortars might be bad, even if you overload and copy... thats a lot of mana for eight damage, though it is one sided. I guess if its working for you. 

Time of need should be something more general. Worldly tutor perhaps.  


I checked with a judge, If I overload Mizzium Mortars and copy it the copy will also be overloaded whether I like it or not. The enchantments are there to protect Riku from removal (except Parallel Lives, Which is easily worth it though). The 3 other legends that Riku can't copy harldy seem like a problem since they are just 3 cards out of 99 and they each pull their weight exceedingly well.
I think your three legends are fine. They can easily hold there own without being copied.

Aspect of mongoose should be an equipment or asceticism.


I thought about running Asceticism, but the deck isn't that creature heavy. The only other suitable equipment I found was Neurok Stealthsuit. It's good, but I kinda like how Aspect of Mongoose is recurring. What do you think?
Its better than others in that vein... of course if you play it right a counterspell works about as well as shroud... or you can just get your worth out of riku the turn you play him. I think the goal is to make the deck viable without riku, but amazing with him.


I think the goal is to make the deck viable without riku, but amazing with him.

I agree. I don't think I'll be destroying any 1 on 1 games, but I think I'll do fine with most multiplayer games (4+). Especially since the local meta is very casual (for the most part).
Seems good then.

You might look into genesis wave and a mind spring effect. Copying either can be harsh for opponents. Also, Chandra the firebrand.


If I have both Riku and Chandra, the Firebrand out and I cast a spell, can I use each of their effects to copy it, resulting in 1 actual spell and two copies?
Yup. That's how it works.


Cool! Sounds good then.
The least looks decent, I would add Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir because it gives you a ton of freedom to hold cards back and limit opponents.  If you hold up a decent amount of mana, people will be incredibly cautious with plays.  Also obviously tends to give your creatures haste.
Wow, that actually looks like a good idea. Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir also stops all of your opponents' counterspells, which is great.
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