Favorite adventures from Dungeon magazine?

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I've got a lot of the Dungeon magazine adventures downloaded, but I don't get a sense of how they really work out in gameplay just by reading them.

Does anyone have any favorite adventures from the Dungeon magazine articles that they've run or played in?  I'd like to get a sense of which ones play really well (balance, good monsters/villains, neat plot hooks, cool fight scenes, stuff like that) and check them out!

Any fun gameplay stories from the noted adventures would be cool to hear too!  Smile

the finest 4e Dungeon adventure is unquestionably this one:

This is the best Dungeon adventure I've ever run.

I've even written an adventure report on it when it came out.

i have run that one too, with a few edits and reflavoring. it is good. i dont think its 'baelard's legacy' good, but its good.
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